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E21 Monster Train

E21 Monster Train

All aboard for the rogue-like deck-building card game sensation, Monster Train - a relatively new entrant to the genre, but already super popular. Ben and Tao plumb the depths of hell to see if it really deserves all its accolades, while admitting to differing degrees of n00bdom. Under scrutiny is the rise of the digital card game, the barrier to entry for online games, and the philosophy of gaming. Yeah, that’s right, we go deep.

No spoilers really, not that kinda game.

Content Warning: PEGI 12. The usual tom foolery and jiggery-pokery with a smattering of bad language. Oh, and a weird f intro.


  • Doctor Zhivago is a 1965 epic romantic drama film directed by David Lean and set in Russia between the years before World War I and the Russian Civil War of 1918–1922.

  • It’s unclear if Hearthstone makes more money for Blizzard than WoW, but very evident they both make a ton of dollar overall.

  • Finite and Infinite Games is a 1986 book by religious scholar James P. Carse.

Audio extracts:

  • Spider-man feat. Toby Maguire

  • The Queen’s Gambit main title by Carlos Rafael Rivera

  • Hearthstone theme by XX

  • World of Warcraft main theme by XX

  • Apex Legends trailer

  • Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  • Good Will Hunting

  • Valve’s Artifact launch

  • Darkest Dungeon

  • Metro Exodus

  • Slay The Spire theme by XX

  • Hercules feat. Kevin Sorbo

  • Angry Birds theme

  • The Japanese Stories youtube channel

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