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E22 The Forest

E22 The Forest

Ben and Tao take a walk on the wild side in Lost meets The Descent survival game mash-up, The Forest. The duo share their adventures in the deep and discuss inventory management, save mechanisms, enemy AI, slaughtering animals, big breasted naked mutants and getting wood. The latter is not connected to any of the former. Promise.

Major story spoilers from around 45m, heads up given beforehand.

Content Warning: PEGI 15. Dead babies. Nuff said.


  • The Beach (2000) is an adventure film directed by Danny Boyle and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Alex Garland. It was filmed on the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi Le.

  • James Cameron’s The Abyss and Sanctum were actually neither 10 nor 30 years apart, but 22! Cameron was Exec Producer for Sanctum, rather than director.

  • Spawn points are randomised to a certain degree, within certain areas.

Audio extracts:

  • The Hills Have Eyes theme

  • Silent Hill theme

  • Resident Evil 1 ‘save room’ theme

  • Monty Python - “Lumberjack Song”

  • Kill List (2011) OST by Jim Williams

  • Breath of the Wild ‘Main Theme’ OST (Live)

  • Bear Grylls gets stung by a killer bee.

  • ‘Life and Death’ from the Lost OST

  • BBC Springwatch theme by David Poore

  • Ali G feat. Shaggy - Me Julie

  • The Village OST ‘Noah Visits’ by James Newton Howard

  • The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds

  • Michael Jackson - Earth Song

  • The Royal Welsh Show 1996 - log shopping feat. Mike Perceval

  • The Descent - extract from first sighting of the creatures

  • Sanctum OST - ‘main theme’ by David Hirschfelder

  • Autumn Leaves feat. Chet Baker and Paul Desmond

  • The Mighty Boosh - Isolation song

  • Firewatch theme by Chris Remo

  • Roadrunner ‘meep meep’

  • Sexual feat. Dyo by NEIKED

  • Black Books S03E01 - Manny Come Home ft. Simon Pegg

  • Olé guitar group, live at Patrick Sébastien: Music-Hall et Compagnie.

  • Christian Bale singing on set of Terminator Salvation

  • The Silence of the Lambs

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

  • Thomas the Tank Engine narrated by Ringo Starr

  • Grease - Summer Lovin

  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue (full theme) - The Schickel Shamble

  • Astroneer OST by Rutger Zuydervelt

  • Spaced feat. Simon Pegg

  • Cocoon OST by James Horner

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