Sep 12, 2021 • 59M

E28 Immortals Fenyx Rising

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Pixel Vision
Video game commentary and analysis, fresh from the screen, from hosts Ben Garman and Tao Sharma
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Ben and Tao rock out with their Gods out adventuring through the beautiful, peacefully fraught open world of Breath of the Wild wannabe, Immortals Fenyx Rising (no colon). After introducing the pre-jingle jingle - a novel feature nobody asked for - they discuss what makes great comedy writing in games, the power of narration (reliable or otherwise), how first instincts can be misguided, keeping things fresh with limited game mechanics, and the merits of learning about Greek Mythology, be it through games or literature. Story spoilers are dramatically announced around half way through, but some minor game spoilers appear earlier on.   Content Warning: PEGI 12. Cavalier language, some sexual innuendo, rampant silliness.   Clarifications:

  • Credit to the two top voice actors: Prometheus is voiced by Elias Toufexis, Zeus by Daniel Matmor.

Audio extracts:

  • Bosch S07E02 - ‘housekeeping’

  • Hades

  • Breath of the Wild

  • Goldeneye - ‘I am invincible!’

  • Futurama feat. Bender

  • Austin Powers - ‘fricking lasers’

  • Friends - Ross’ British accent

  • Disney’s Recess theme

  • Control OST - Voces Ignotas

  • World of Warcraft OST - ‘Elwyn Forest’

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