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E32 Deathloop

E32 Deathloop

Good morning, Blackreef! Captains Ben and Tao rack their brains, reignite their memories, and mow down endless Eternalists in Arkane Studios' cocksure first person shooter, Deathloop. The team talk character development, playing detective, stealth, Twitter, Tao’s reluctance to play scary games, oh, and a spot of incest. Story spoilers abound I’m afraid, it’s just one of those games, but as ever, they’re generously forecast.

Content Warning: PEGI 15. Effin and jeffin. Tarantino blood spatter. Graphic innuendo.


  • All Deathloop instrumental music was composed by Tom Salta & Ross Tregenza‎

  • Colt’s first word is not ‘F*k’ (although we’re surely forgiven that it could have been)

  • Ramblin Frank’s tunes were written and Performed by Erich Talaba

  • Duskers is a strategy video game by independent developer Misfits Attic. It was released on May 18, 2016.

  • There are three Dishonored games to date. Tao’s out of the (Death)loop.

  • Bulletstorm is a 2011 FPS from Gearbox, it was rereleased as the Full Clip Edition in 2017.

  • The time bending FPS Singularity was released in 2010, not 2011.a

  • The ‘Unknown Man’ in the boathouse is not just a tantalising tease, his secret is very much discoverable

Audio extracts:

  • W.G. Snuffy Walden’s score to Aaron Sorkin’s ABC series, Sports Night.

  • Land of the Giants - The Drop

  • Duskers OST

  • The West Wing Weekly podcast theme

  • Lost Unanswered Questions by College Humor

  • Deadpool ft. Ryan Reynolds

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • Dishonored main theme by Daniel Licht

  • Fallout 4 main theme

  • The Outer Wilds main theme

  • Bulletstorm main theme by Piotr Musiał, Michał Cielecki and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz

  • Left 4 Dead

  • Prey

  • Superbad feat Jonah Hill

  • Outlast OST by Samuel Laflamme

  • Robert Kilroy Silk - Shafteda

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