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E35 Cyberpunk 2077

E35 Cyberpunk 2077

The cybernetic pixel kids and their anarchic mate, Keanu, are dickin’ about in the hood, implants upgraded and optics on point to hack the system and collapse the corps, in CD Projekt RED’s Night City brain dance RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. Dissecting what might be the most sexually explicit and graphic game covered by Pixel Vision to date, Ben and Tao discuss if raunchy RPGs are made for men, if Cyberpunk’s infamous launch controversy has left any bugs crawling the system, how even Tao can be impressed by graphics, and why in-game Keanu works better than Norman Reedus did in Death Stranding (clue: charisma is everything). Story spoilers heavily forecast and only about the early game. This was recorded pre Patch 1.5 update.

Content Warning: PEGI 16. Like drugs, sex, rock and roll and hacking? We got you covered.


  • All Cyberpunk 2077 music is composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz, P.T. Adamczyk, and Paul Leonard-Morgan

  • The Night City song is by REL and Artemis Delta

  • Death Stranding’s actor is Norman Reedus.

  • The show Ben can’t remember is Altered Carbon on Netflix.

  • The GPT3 AI Ben references is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

  • Tao’s gripe about the phone automatically answering has been fixed in the latest patch, post-record, pre-broadcast. At least they agreed it shouldn’t have happened!

  • The ‘wheelie thing’ Ben is on about is a Segway

  • CD Projekt RED’s game engine is called the RED Engine.

Audio extracts:

  • The Matrix (1999)

  • Monty Python - The Penis Song

  • Animal Crossing OST

  • Sex and the City theme

  • ITVs Love Island theme

  • Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road theme

  • Snatch (2000)

  • Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

  • Kelis - Milkshake

  • The Mask (1994)

  • Dr Syntax - Subcultures

  • Seth Sentry - My Scene

  • Jungle - The Heat

  • Altered Carbon

  • Watch Dogs theme

  • Watch Dogs 2

  • Urban Species - I wonder

  • Goldfinger

  • Goldeneye

  • Tina Turner - Goldeneye theme

  • The Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

  • Fosters - Good Call advert

  • The Simpsons duff beer ad


  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • West World HBO

  • Travis Eliot yoga instructor

  • Oblivion OST

  • The Pixies - Where is my mind?

  • BBC Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy theme

  • BBC Line of Duty theme

  • Observer OST

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