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E7 Outer Wilds

E7 Outer Wilds

Ben and Tao big up and break down space exploration puzzler, Outer Wilds, while coming a bit unstuck on life, the universe and everything. They consider whether binge gaming is detrimental to enjoyment, what point open world game design becomes too open (if ever), and somehow, weirdly, the Fermi Paradox. This episode features a cameo from PhD physicist, Dr Noah Waterfield Price. Heavy spoilers from the start.

Content Warning: PEGI 7. Some strong language. Terrifying fish. The destruction of the universe.


  • Outer Wilds original music is composed by Andrew Prahlow

  • In The Making Of Outer Wilds documentary, co-creative lead Alex Beachum admits to being a massive Zelda fan.

  • The mathematical formula described by Ben is the Fibonacci sequence, and the spiral is the Golden Spiral.

Audio extracts:

  • Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere by The Who

  • Edge of Tomorrow feat. Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise

  • Thunderbirds theme tune

  • Back to the Future feat. Christopher Lloyd as ‘Doc’ Brown

  • The X-Files theme song

  • Myst

  • The Simpsons: S08E10 - The Springfield Files

  • BBC Hancock’s Half Hour theme song

  • Spaced: S01E05 “Chaos”

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - “Lost Woods”

  • Shrek 2

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